Humor book and recent activities

Wow. In case you haven’t noticed, it has been a heck of a long time since my last post. I am once again very sorry about that. In any case, since my last post, I have submitted my manuscript for Hey, It Wasn’t My Fault to Jeanie Loiacono of Loiacona Literary Agency, who told me at last year’s Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) conference in Phoenix, that she wanted to see the draft when I finished it. I am now on hold for the results of that. If she wants to find a publisher for me, it is possible that I could become a hybrid author, having two self-published books and one traditionally published book. I would be more than pleased with such a result.

So far, this Spring I have had two author events; one a bust, basically a no-show, and the other reasonably successful. I did not lose money at either activity, and, in fact, actually made a bit. That is never a negative. My next, which I depart for this Saturday, is a trip to Fort Benning, GA for the 50th reunion of my old unit, the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, having arrived in Vietnam. There will be hundreds of people there about whom, collectively, my first three books have been written. I will be very surprised if I do not sell a ton of books there. The hotel is setting up a table for me in the hospitality room where all continually congregate. Even if I were not to sell as many books as I anticipate, I will still have a great time there, revisiting the Ranger School, Airborne School and the Infantry Museum. That will be followed hopefully a couple of visits down south (Alabama and Tennessee) with a couple of “good old boy” friends on my way home to northern Michigan.

The remainder of my summer will be devoted to more author events here in Michigan, which will include several special events, arts and craft shows and airport breakfast fly-ins. I will also have a few speaking engagements at libraries in the state. Of course, I also intend to continue work on my novel, and actually have some recreational fun before our short summer season ends. I am much more flexible this year, as I have also “retired” from the substitute teaching game, as of three days ago. That will free up more time for promotion, writing, to include stepping up the blogging, and working on an additional e-commerce business that my wife and I have recently begun. That has huge potential also for generating nice extra income. That should bring things pretty much up to date. I promise to keep you better informed from now on.



What’s John been up to? Is he too busy to blog or what?

All right, I admit that I have been derelict in my duties. On the other hand, I have been that way for good reasons. Yes, it is summertime and I have been active with family and that sort of thing, but that is never a really valid excuse. Honestly though, I have also been taking care of my writing business. I have had about a bunch of book signing events, and overall I have done very well at them and made some great contacts. There are still more in the near future.

My book signings this spring and summer so far have all been in mid- and northeastern Michigan. Those include in May The Book Warehouse in Birch Run Mall, Charlin’s Book Nook in Frankenmuth, and Blue Phoenix Books in Alpena, where a reporter from WBKB News in Alpena came in and did a brief report which was televised more than once and seen by many people who told me later. More recently, in late June, I did Art in the Park in Oscoda and for the 4th of July weekend I was at Harrisville for an arts and craft show. July 18-19 I will be at a “fly-in” at Harry Browne Airport in Saginaw. For the Labor Day weekend I will be at Harrisville again for the very large arts and craft festival. I will once again be at the Paul Bunyon Festival September 25-27. That one was very successful for me last year.

Besides all that activity, I am close to completing my next book, which is a humor book, tentatively titled HEY, IT WASN’T MY FAULT. I am also working on my novel, which I began a very long time ago, but have not really worked much on in recent months. This idea goes into post apocalyptic earth, but also goes much further than that. It goes into the spiritual world where there is no space-time continuum. Spiritual characters will meet with physical entities from all parts of the universe. There is but one universal God, and He has created the entire universe, and has a very similar plan for all of His creations throughout HIs universe. There is a Christ figure in every civilization, complete with a set of scriptures. There is good. There is evil. Is there an end in sight? Oh, hell no. Is this Christian writing? I’m not sure. Is it fiction? I’m not sure. Will the book be interesting and intriguing? I am sure of that. Will I be seeking truth? Absolutely. It has become a challenge which I welcome, but about which I have more than mild trepidations


Memoir Promo – “The beat goes on”

Yes, to quote Sonny and Cher’s old song, “The beat goes on.” I continue to promote both my MILITARY LIFE – SERVICE OR CAREER  A SOLDIER’SPERSPECTIVE and my TAKING RISKS  DEFINING LIFE  A SOLDIER’S MEMOIR, but there are a few things that have happened over the last couple of months that I have not shared here. Primarily there have been a few book signings, and there are several events coming up that I will tell you about.

Up to this point, I have had five book signings, including the towns of Oscoda (Cathy’s Hallmark), East Tawas (The Book Nook), Birch Run (The Book Warehouse), Frankenmuth (Charlin’s Book Nook) and Alpena (Phoenix Books), all in Michigan, and all have been very enjoyable and successful. During the Alena signing, a reporter from the WBKB television station walked in and proceeded to do an interview with me. I had no idea that was going to happen. I have posted that interview at the end of this message.  Coming up, I have Art in the Park in Oscoda, June 27-28, Craftmaker’s Cabin Craft Fair in Harrisville, MI, July 4-5, and finally a book signing at the fly-in at the Saginaw County H W Browne Airport, July 18-19.

Other than all that, not much is going on. I am near completion of my humor book. The main title is HEY, IT WASN’T MY FAULT, and the subtitle is yet to be determined. It will have one, for sure. It has been a fun write. I think you would all enjoy it. Please keep it in mind. Then I will have to quit procrastinating on the novel I am working on, mostly in thoughts. Hey, by next summer I may well have four books on the shelves. Hooah! Can’t ever get the US Army influences out of my mind, body and soul. That novel will really be “far out”, not just in the John Denver sense of the expression.


No More Delays – Memoir is Published

Okay, what’s a couple of more months among friends and relatives. Yes, there have been several of those unavoidable delays in route, but TAKING RISKS  DEFINING LIFE  A SOLDIER’S MEMOIR is finally out and available. I am actually still waiting for my first shipment of hard copies, but they are due any day by UPS. I know there are a lot of readers who would like a signed copy, and all anyone has to do is contact me at and give me a mailing address, and I would be more than happy to put a copy in the mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and invoice and you’ll be good to go. As stated in my last blog post, if you liked the first book, MILITARY LIFE – SERVICE OR CAREER  A SOLDIER’S PERSPECTIVE, you will undoubtedly like the memoir. If you don’t care about the author signature, both of those books are available from Amazon Kindle. If you are in northeast Michigan, there are copies in several stores in Oscoda, Alpena, East Tawas, and Frankenmuth. Hopefully that will expand in time.

I really am going to begin a regular blog site with discussions of much more than what might be found in my books to date. I did attempt a blog a long time ago, but was financially burned pretty badly. That was a bogus outfit I connected with. I did learn a good lesson in using caution about selecting support for a blog site. I have been advised by more than one source to go to and get rid of I still need to research that one a bit and figure out if it is all too complicated for this techno-misfit. I have a long way to go, I’m afraid. Stay with me. I will get there. I loved that last blog site. The problem was that I made a huge investment and got nothing in return. That’s just not good business. It was fun; just not profitable by any stretch. Most of the responses I got to my posts were also bogus. Oh well. You lose a few, win a few and some, of course, get rained out.


The newest developments and a renewed blog presence

Hey everybody,

It really has been a very long time since I have had a blog presence, but my intentions are that I will be back into action with some semblance of regularity. I have been primarily involved with book promotion for MILITARY LIFE – SERVICE OR CAREER  A SOLDIER’S PERSPECTIVE, although that is definitely not an excuse for being away. I have also been trying to finalize my TAKING RISKS  DEFINING LIFE  A SOLDIER’S MEMOIR, and I am pleased to say that it is for all practical purposes finished and ready to go.

At the same time, I received a very sad message from my friend and editor, Phillip, that his father, who had been in hospice, only had a couple of days left. He had no choice but to go to him. I have not heard from him since then, but the entire family is in my prayers. When Phillip is able to return, we will get the proof for the memoir, and shortly thereafter have that book published. I am hoping that within a couple of weeks I will have hard, signed copies ready to send out. Any of you could, of course, order an advanced copy any time you like by just emailing me at I would be more than pleased to do that for you.

The promotion for MILITARY LIFE has from all I can tell at this time been going very well. Most of the time, of course, I am in a holding pattern, which, as many of you know, is par for the course for most authors. The book is currently in the hands of at least a couple of reviewers, one for many of the pharmacies throughout the state of Michigan and another in the hands of a reviewer from Walmart. My hopes are high for both of them, but that is only the beginning. I have more than a few hopes; I have some goals to reach. I will, but it may take a bit more time. There is a great deal of truth to the old saying, “Rome was not built in a day.” That is also true about becoming a successful author. I plan to live to 111 years old; so, I have plenty of time. Why 111 years old? I threaten my wife, Deb, that I will still be around when it is time for us to celebrate our 75th wedding anniversary. That freaks her out completely. Hey, I am serious though, if I am still healthy.

Just as a final note, if you were one who enjoyed my first book, MILITARY LIFE…, you should like the memoir that is nearly here. I still devote over three chapters of that book to my military life, considering that it was a very significant part of my own life. The remainder is the other side of me, which, I like to think, is also a pretty good chunk. Taking risks has been a very big part of building my life into what it is today. Maybe taking risks is not your style, but I would never be one to discourage it. Sometimes it is necessary to take that sort of action to find success. It is also very possible that some of those risks might lead to failures. Those little failures, however, are just part of what develops into that ultimate goal in life. Take a another little trip with me. I think you will enjoy the stories and maybe identify with many of them.



“Grand Opening” of Author Web Site

Announcing John McClarren’s Online Business!

Dear friends and family,

This is a bit like a grand opening email, but let’s call it a re-grand opening email for my website, considering that it has been around for a few years. I am finally ready, or nearly so, to publish my first book about military life, titled MILITARY LIFE – SERVICE OR CAREER  A SOLDIER’S PERSPECTIVE. The manuscript has been completed for several years actually, but I was convinced for a very long time that traditional publishing was the only way to go. The industry has changed remarkably over the last couple of years, and the logical way for me to go is both print and e-publishing. This book is written primarily to two groups of people. The first group is young people finishing high school or college, looking for an occupation or profession, who might be entertaining the idea of the military, either as a four-year enlistment or as a lifelong career. It is one of the few resources available written from a personal perspective of one who has been there and done it, showing experiences that I have gone through and highlighting both the good and the bad of the military life. The second group is that of the older folks who have also been through similar experiences of my own and would like the opportunity to go back and reminisce some of the good, bad and ugly times. It should be a fun read for most readers, as well as educational for many.

Shortly after the above book is published I want to do the same with my memoir, which again has been completed for quite a while. That one is tentatively titled ZERO TO SEVENTY (CAUTION: HAIRPIN CURVES AHEAD).That book focuses on not only a good part of my life, but the directions it took and the fact that assuming risks all along the way accounted for most of the end results. Those risks resulted in injuries, failures, and disappointments, all of which added up to a wonderful life with everything I could ever ask for, including happiness and fulfillment and a wonderful family. I am not through taking risks, and I am by no means finished with furthering my accomplishments. I love to write, and I have two more works in progress with many ideas floating around in my head for further projects. I am planning to live to 110 years old; so I have plenty to time to finish all those projects and many more. Stay with me, and please feel free to spread the word. Hopefully many of you know others who might be interested in one or both of the above books when they are published, and I will inform you as each one comes out.

Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested, to help me spread the word. To see my site, just click the “Visit My Site” button in this email.

Best regards,

John McClarren


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