No More Delays – Memoir is Published

Okay, what’s a couple of more months among friends and relatives. Yes, there have been several of those unavoidable delays in route, but TAKING RISKS  DEFINING LIFE  A SOLDIER’S MEMOIR is finally out and available. I am actually still waiting for my first shipment of hard copies, but they are due any day by UPS. I know there are a lot of readers who would like a signed copy, and all anyone has to do is contact me at and give me a mailing address, and I would be more than happy to put a copy in the mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and invoice and you’ll be good to go. As stated in my last blog post, if you liked the first book, MILITARY LIFE – SERVICE OR CAREER  A SOLDIER’S PERSPECTIVE, you will undoubtedly like the memoir. If you don’t care about the author signature, both of those books are available from Amazon Kindle. If you are in northeast Michigan, there are copies in several stores in Oscoda, Alpena, East Tawas, and Frankenmuth. Hopefully that will expand in time.

I really am going to begin a regular blog site with discussions of much more than what might be found in my books to date. I did attempt a blog a long time ago, but was financially burned pretty badly. That was a bogus outfit I connected with. I did learn a good lesson in using caution about selecting support for a blog site. I have been advised by more than one source to go to and get rid of I still need to research that one a bit and figure out if it is all too complicated for this techno-misfit. I have a long way to go, I’m afraid. Stay with me. I will get there. I loved that last blog site. The problem was that I made a huge investment and got nothing in return. That’s just not good business. It was fun; just not profitable by any stretch. Most of the responses I got to my posts were also bogus. Oh well. You lose a few, win a few and some, of course, get rained out.


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