Memoir Promo – “The beat goes on”

Yes, to quote Sonny and Cher’s old song, “The beat goes on.” I continue to promote both my MILITARY LIFE – SERVICE OR CAREER  A SOLDIER’SPERSPECTIVE and my TAKING RISKS  DEFINING LIFE  A SOLDIER’S MEMOIR, but there are a few things that have happened over the last couple of months that I have not shared here. Primarily there have been a few book signings, and there are several events coming up that I will tell you about.

Up to this point, I have had five book signings, including the towns of Oscoda (Cathy’s Hallmark), East Tawas (The Book Nook), Birch Run (The Book Warehouse), Frankenmuth (Charlin’s Book Nook) and Alpena (Phoenix Books), all in Michigan, and all have been very enjoyable and successful. During the Alena signing, a reporter from the WBKB television station walked in and proceeded to do an interview with me. I had no idea that was going to happen. I have posted that interview at the end of this message.  Coming up, I have Art in the Park in Oscoda, June 27-28, Craftmaker’s Cabin Craft Fair in Harrisville, MI, July 4-5, and finally a book signing at the fly-in at the Saginaw County H W Browne Airport, July 18-19.

Other than all that, not much is going on. I am near completion of my humor book. The main title is HEY, IT WASN’T MY FAULT, and the subtitle is yet to be determined. It will have one, for sure. It has been a fun write. I think you would all enjoy it. Please keep it in mind. Then I will have to quit procrastinating on the novel I am working on, mostly in thoughts. Hey, by next summer I may well have four books on the shelves. Hooah! Can’t ever get the US Army influences out of my mind, body and soul. That novel will really be “far out”, not just in the John Denver sense of the expression.


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