What’s John been up to? Is he too busy to blog or what?

All right, I admit that I have been derelict in my duties. On the other hand, I have been that way for good reasons. Yes, it is summertime and I have been active with family and that sort of thing, but that is never a really valid excuse. Honestly though, I have also been taking care of my writing business. I have had about a bunch of book signing events, and overall I have done very well at them and made some great contacts. There are still more in the near future.

My book signings this spring and summer so far have all been in mid- and northeastern Michigan. Those include in May The Book Warehouse in Birch Run Mall, Charlin’s Book Nook in Frankenmuth, and Blue Phoenix Books in Alpena, where a reporter from WBKB News in Alpena came in and did a brief report which was televised more than once and seen by many people who told me later. More recently, in late June, I did Art in the Park in Oscoda and for the 4th of July weekend I was at Harrisville for an arts and craft show. July 18-19 I will be at a “fly-in” at Harry Browne Airport in Saginaw. For the Labor Day weekend I will be at Harrisville again for the very large arts and craft festival. I will once again be at the Paul Bunyon Festival September 25-27. That one was very successful for me last year.

Besides all that activity, I am close to completing my next book, which is a humor book, tentatively titled HEY, IT WASN’T MY FAULT. I am also working on my novel, which I began a very long time ago, but have not really worked much on in recent months. This idea goes into post apocalyptic earth, but also goes much further than that. It goes into the spiritual world where there is no space-time continuum. Spiritual characters will meet with physical entities from all parts of the universe. There is but one universal God, and He has created the entire universe, and has a very similar plan for all of His creations throughout HIs universe. There is a Christ figure in every civilization, complete with a set of scriptures. There is good. There is evil. Is there an end in sight? Oh, hell no. Is this Christian writing? I’m not sure. Is it fiction? I’m not sure. Will the book be interesting and intriguing? I am sure of that. Will I be seeking truth? Absolutely. It has become a challenge which I welcome, but about which I have more than mild trepidations