Humor book and recent activities

Wow. In case you haven’t noticed, it has been a heck of a long time since my last post. I am once again very sorry about that. In any case, since my last post, I have submitted my manuscript for Hey, It Wasn’t My Fault to Jeanie Loiacono of Loiacona Literary Agency, who told me at last year’s Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) conference in Phoenix, that she wanted to see the draft when I finished it. I am now on hold for the results of that. If she wants to find a publisher for me, it is possible that I could become a hybrid author, having two self-published books and one traditionally published book. I would be more than pleased with such a result.

So far, this Spring I have had two author events; one a bust, basically a no-show, and the other reasonably successful. I did not lose money at either activity, and, in fact, actually made a bit. That is never a negative. My next, which I depart for this Saturday, is a trip to Fort Benning, GA for the 50th reunion of my old unit, the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, having arrived in Vietnam. There will be hundreds of people there about whom, collectively, my first three books have been written. I will be very surprised if I do not sell a ton of books there. The hotel is setting up a table for me in the hospitality room where all continually congregate. Even if I were not to sell as many books as I anticipate, I will still have a great time there, revisiting the Ranger School, Airborne School and the Infantry Museum. That will be followed hopefully a couple of visits down south (Alabama and Tennessee) with a couple of “good old boy” friends on my way home to northern Michigan.

The remainder of my summer will be devoted to more author events here in Michigan, which will include several special events, arts and craft shows and airport breakfast fly-ins. I will also have a few speaking engagements at libraries in the state. Of course, I also intend to continue work on my novel, and actually have some recreational fun before our short summer season ends. I am much more flexible this year, as I have also “retired” from the substitute teaching game, as of three days ago. That will free up more time for promotion, writing, to include stepping up the blogging, and working on an additional e-commerce business that my wife and I have recently begun. That has huge potential also for generating nice extra income. That should bring things pretty much up to date. I promise to keep you better informed from now on.



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