Welcome to the JOHNRMCCLARREN.COM BLOG. After having had a couple of manuscripts completed for several years and having a couple more well on the way, but not really that close to completion, I have decided to get things on the road. I thought for a very long time that I would never go independent publishing. I honestly thought that traditional publishing was the only way to go, and in fact for a very long time that was true. Only in the last year or two has independent publishing gone crazy, and no longer is the negative stigma present, which at one time would have destroyed the potential career of an up-coming author. There has been a one hundred, eighty degree reversal of the publishing industry. As of today, the day before “tax day”, I am hoping my first published book will be available on line in the next few weeks. What book would that be, you might ask? Good question, because I did debate for a while which one should be the first out. I chose to put my book on the military experience out first, and I will elaborate on that in my next post, which is actually a “grand opening” of this website, which has already been in existence for several years.

The situation is that I have never done anything active with the site up to this point. It has just been here to keep anyone interested in touch with what I have done or intend to do, as well as what I am in the process of doing with my writing. I will now try to add to this blog site frequently. I have renamed that first book coming out very shortly to MILITARY LIFE – SERVIE OR CAREER  A SOLDIER’S PERSPECTIVE. It is a name that will be much easier to find on line and most people I have talked to like it much better than the original title. I am ready to submit the final PDF for the first proof. Stay tuned. It will only be a matter or days now, maybe a little more, depending on how it looks.